That canoe trip

It was around 1979, May or June. I was proud of the opportunity to introduce Joyce to the pleasures of camping by canoe. One of the things I emphasized was the importance of rain gear. An hour or two after we got onto the water, it started raining. Joyce brought out her poncho. I looked for mine — not there. No rain gear. Joyce shared what she had, but I got pretty well soaked. We set up the tent in the rain. For about a day and a half, I think, we waited for intervals in the rain to get out and stretch. We talked, and read Horace, and got along all right.
I still don’t prepare well for a trip. I’m working on it.


One comment on “That canoe trip

  1. Actually, I got soaked too. And it turned out that, although Jimmy had carefully instructed me to bring a change of clothes, and I had, he hadn’t. So, while the rain lasted, we had one dry set of clothes between us. Still, here are we some thirty-something years later, still friends and still willing to embark on another adventure. I’m grateful.

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