We’re here at the Abbey Farmhouse in St. Bees, the only guests tonight. Tomorrow we’re expected at another place in St. Bees, and then on Thursday we start the walk for real. it’s been a long trip. Joyce had to wait a couple hours for my flight to arrive at Manchester. We got a 1pm train to Barrow-in-Furness. It arrived at about 3:15. Joyce watched the luggage while I took a nice little walk through town and got myself a wristwatch. At four-forty we got the northbound train that got us to St. Bees in about an hour, through some nice coastal scenery. It’s been cool here, and overcast, good walking weather in Barrow, a nice steady rain in St. Bees for our short walk to our lodgings. It’s good to put the big bags down for the day. Today, at times, \i wished I had those little wheels on mine.


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