First correction

This is not actually Jimmy’s first trip overseas.

In September 2002  I accompanied an aged relative on a trip to her  childhood home in the South Tyrol.    Joyce had forgotten that when she wrote the “Who We Are” section.

Other than that she’s done a pretty good job, with some stretchers maybe.   We have now  arrived at Ennerdale Bridge after a very pleasant walk from Cleator.   We took the route over a fell (or hill) called Dent, with a spectacular view from the top.  We’ve settled into a hotel where there’s WiFi in the room, and Joyce has showed me how to use her iPad.   But pretty soon I’ll want to go for a walk without my pack before dinner, and she’ll want to get back with you.   Looking forward to a bigger day tomorrow, but really enjoying today.  —your old friend Jimmy


2 comments on “First correction

  1. Brian says:

    So glad your having a wonderful time. Everything going well here.

  2. ronarruda says:

    More great photos! And Jimmy, you now have more pictures of you than you’d let be taken in the last two decades!

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