Report from Jimmy

We arrived at our lodgings in Ingleby Arncliffe at four today. Joyce is resting now and will probably post something later. I’m practicing on using these weird machines. This morning Joyce figured out a way one could key something in for posting without actually being connected. It was frustrating last night in Danby Wiske, where it seems the signal kept disappearing. Today there’s supposed to be a better signal.
It was another day of walking through the fertile Vale of Mowbray — big fields of barley, some standing, some just stubble, and at least one that we walked through had just been cut and the ripe grain was lying on the ground. A big difference for us between today and yesterday was that it didn’t rain on us today. Yesterday, after some very pleasant walking weather, a few little drops and then some wind, we got a downpour, and were soaked when we got in. Today it was fair weather all the way. But my boots are still drying out.


2 comments on “Report from Jimmy

  1. Ron Arruda says:

    Great to read your tit-bits today. I love the names of these places, too odd to be made up except by gradual accretion over the centuries!

  2. Joni says:

    It was by eating brown rice and barley that Bill and I lost a total of 70 lbs together. Hope you gave that barley some respect Lol

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