Who We Are

Jimmy Griffin and Joyce Zonana, friends since 1978.  We met in a graduate seminar at the University of Pennsylvania — on Virgil’s Aeneid, taught by Professor Georg Knauer.  Early in our friendship we went for a memorable overnight canoe  trip along the Batsto River in the New Jersey Pine Barrens — perhaps a precursor to our current venture.

Joyce is currently a Professor of English at Borough of Manhattan Community College.  She is the author of Dream Homes: From Cairo to Katrina, an Exile’s Journey.  Her travels have taken her to Greece (on the Goddess Pilgrimage Tour with Carol Christ), Egypt, France, Italy, Austria, and Latin America.  This is her first official walking tour.

Jimmy lives in Palmyra, NJ, and is a retired letter carrier.   This is his first visit to Great Britain.


3 comments on “Who We Are

  1. jimigriffin says:

    Maybe I should tell you something about that canoe trip. First, let’s see if I know how to post.

  2. Bill Blakey. says:

    There is also a Blakey Ridge in Madison County, Virginia. Presumably the same family, as it is a Yorkshire name but not very common. Maybe you should visit that too, so you have a full set! As one of the Yorkshire variety and far too old to climb mountains, I would be interested in seeing your photos of / from the Virginia BR.

    Best Regards,
    Bill Blakey.

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